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Points to remember before purchasing artwork online

By kamal On 29-Aug-2019

Collecting  art work which was certainly limited to a hobby and passion,now shifted more towards making money out of it. Art enthusiasts no longer untouched with this growing economic boom and reaping the benefit of earning a fortune from the passion is no longer a taboo.


Indian art has also gained a lot from this economic outgrowth and art collectors investing in to make money out of their passion . This way they can appreciate the artwork and at the same time can earn living out of it. This increasing trend has certainly disturb the demand and supply chain of artwork in India. A lot of distortion in price can be seen. And sometimes false acclaimed promotion of some artwork is seen .
Certainly investing in a right artwork with a fair price is a daunting task.Before purchasing some artwork,these simple points would sure help you put one step forward.
1. Always listen to your heart.
Heart is always a creative place that will sure indicate which artwork touch the inner core of it. browse through various artform,gallery,gallerist,artist artwork and see which artwork truly inspires you. Fotocons sure will act as an ideal platform  as it offers a wide range of artwork that will be available right at your home with a single scroll of your finger ,and that too at the most comfortable and convenient time .


2. Do some research work

Before purchasing any art invest some time doing research on that artwork. Artist name,reputation,originality,genuineness of his work,market value. Previous owner of that artwork if any. Category,style of work(figurative,abstract) Medium (charcoal,oil,acrylic) Surface (canvas,Paper)


3.A well executed and step approach plan- always make a small start, Have a  pre planned budget,objective and always  slowly get in to the process before giving a high jump .Your slowly learned sense of judgment and acquaintance help you make always a right choice 


4. Ask for artist authenticity certificate- If you are purchasing an original art always ask for AA certificate. That will help making your artwork standout original genuine and sometimes it will also connect you directly with the artist who has invested a lot of his time,creativity to make the masterpiece. 

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