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Empowering Make In India

About Us

Fotocons is an online platform for selling and buying art and handicrafts from India. 

We ensure to provide a single powerful online platform to bring together all popular and unpopular Indian artist and artisans, collectors, gallerist and resellers. We, with a sincere intention of empowering Make In India, provide an art and handicraft portal for a convenient shopping experience and helping our artist and artisans to get the actual value of their work. 

 Discover the world of art & craft with FOTOCONS.com. 

 FOTOCONS.com is an online marketplace that helps art collectors/lovers and enthusiasts to buy and sell art with ease from any part of the world. FOTOCONS.com caters to original art (art investment), sculpture, digital prints, handicraft, home decor and many more. Explore our online art gallery and grab your choice of painting or portraits or craft.

 Fotocons Focuses on empowering Make In India. Our sole objective is featuring Indian art and craft in its most unique and contemporary form, bringing it closer to people across the world.

 Explore our online collection for irreplaceable Original artworks, Handicrafts from all part of India, affordable paper and canvas prints, unique Serigraphs, handcrafted Jewellery, art object. All purchases are shipped free domestically in any part of India and minimum delivery charges for international delivery., so you can always enjoy thought-provoking art no matter where you are.

Connect with us here, for any questions and help us make your online art-buying experience the best that it can be.

 We came up with this platform to simplify the art and handicrafts buying and selling process., while also empowering the artist; we offer completely transparent pricing and purchase process; We help artisan, artist collectors, to sell or re-sell their art. Our Motto is to bring art and handicrafts to every doorstep worldwide.

Our Photostock section provide royalty-free Indian images. This section has thousands of pictures related to Indian Culture tradition, Lifestyle, Indian biodiversity, Indian flora and fauna. These images are downloaded with a standard commercial licence and publishers, bloggers, advertising agencies can use them to promote any product or company. All images, unless specified, can be downloaded with a standard licencing. Some small and medium-sized images from Fotocons Community also available for free download to our registered users and subscribers. But These Free images can only be used for social blogging and editorial educational purpose.

 Fotocons always promotes bringing together artists, artisans, collectors, dealers, galleries and resellers onto a single powerful online platform. Sign up and start selling your fine artwork, handicraft products on Fotocons and get a global exposure of your valuable work.

 We empower our artists and artisans at Fotocons

We empower our artists, gallerist, artisans, reseller, collectors to make use of our platform and processes to promote their art or handicraft in the manner of their choice. With a personalized Login ID and password, they can upload as many works as they choose, and set the prices they want for their art or handicraft product. They can even open their works of art up for the creation of print and fotocons takes care of their work and make available open edition print that can be very much affordable for a buyer.

Connect with us here, for any questions and help us make your online art-buying experience the best that it can be

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